Supply chain

We take care of all the operations in the value chain of the product. Management of raw material to delivery.

The relationship of trust established with our panel of partners / suppliers allows us to offer a service in its entirety. We manage the supply, the storage, the control, the cutting of the raw materials, in sheets or blanks (foundries, sheet metal, die stamped, mechanical assemblies). We provide the end of the range with surface treatments and / or paint finishes. We carry out, if necessary, the tests required in the specifications.
Our platform dedicated 300 m2 in France allows us to centralize all supplies, manage consolidated flows and store finished products closer to our customers. A weekly shuttle "back and forth" between our platform and our production site allows optimization and massification of transport. Our clients then freed from the management of transit times and customs formalities.

Supplies (Non-exhaustive list):

  • Aluminum Alloys (2017, 2024, 2618, 5083, 5086, 6061, 7075, 7175)
  • Plastics: PA, PETP, PTFE, HDPE
  • Stainless Steel: 304, 304L, 316, 316L
  • Titanium Alloys: T40, T60, TA6V

Managed surface treatments:

  • Chemical conversion without Cr VI (SURTEC 650)
  • Chemical conversion Cr VI (ALODINE 1200)
  • Sulphuric Anodic Oxidation
  • Chromic Anodic Oxidation
  • Hard Anodic Oxidation
  • Passivation
  • Paintings

Our quality policy

Customer satisfaction, driver of our quality policy

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