At the core business, we opted to build a fleet of homogeneous machines that allows us to cover the widest range of operations.

We benefit from a privileged partnership with Haas Automation who has been with us since our creation and with whom we have been working for more than 10 years. Our regular investment and exclusively on new equipment allows us to respond to all machining operations while maintaining consistency and homogeneity across the machine park. Facilitating training, maintenance and optimization.
Listening to our customers, we study the best solutions to meet their needs.
Our fully air conditioned 2000 m2 workshop ensures us comfort and repeatability necessary to guarantee the highest level of precision.
Our means:

  • 3 Axis: HAAS Automation - SUPER MINI MILL - 10,000 RPM (X: 508 mm, Y: 305 mm, Z: 254 mm)
  • 4 Axis: HAAS Automation - VF3SS Divider - 12,000 RPM (X : 1016 mm, Y: 508 mm, Z: 635 mm)
  • 5 Axis: HAAS Automation - UMC 750 - 12,000 rpm (X: 762 mm, Y: 508 mm, Z: 508 mm)

Our quality policy

Customer satisfaction, driver of our quality policy

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