Our quality policy

Our continuous quality improvement initiative allows us to maintain the highest level of competitiveness.

Altitude Industrie quality policy


We operate in sensitive sectors by exploiting technical processes. This environment requires the highest level of requirements in terms of product quality and organization. Our process-driven quality management system is focused on customer satisfaction. We systematically and regularly measure our performance and that of our partners / suppliers, which enables us to offer the best level of satisfaction.


We initiated our certification process by obtaining ISO 9001: 2015, in 2019 for our production site in Tunisia. This certification was built on a broader and more comprehensive quality management model. Modeled on a model EN 9100: 2016, this allows us to prepare and anticipate the objectives of future certifications.


EN 9100 : 2016 – In progress, target 2020

ISO 13485 – target 2021

Our areas of intervention

We operate in many business sectors

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